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It's been that long?

You never truly realize just how far you’ve gone, or how much you’ve achieved until you take a moment to pause and look back down the mountain at the view.

Recently, for us, was that moment; we are celebrating the studio’s 5 year anniversary (there’s a lot of 5’s going around this year, but I digress). That’s half a decade of blood, sweat, tears, earthquakes, typhoons, and pandemics!

Through all of that we have contributed to some of the biggest games in the past 5 years, and we can not wait for the world to see what the team is working on next!

We started this journey from my apartment, and we pretty much boot strapped our way through this demi-decade. I haven’t shared this picture with many people, but this is me and my first employee getting things going:

humble beginnings

finding an office

Some blood, but mainly sweat!

Tearing things down

Office 2.0

Today I want to recognize my team for climbing this mountain with me. There were some very steep inclines, trips and bruises along the way, but all of that has served to deepen our synergy and stoke our resolve.

Words cannot express the feeling, the pride and the admiration I have for everyone who has been and still is a part of this epic odyssey. So let’s ‘take a knee’ and enjoy this moment, before we dust ourselves off to continue our journey.

“If you want to go far, go together”

Here’s to the next 5 years!


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