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“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”



In 2015, Playerium was founded by industry veterans with a simple goal in mind: reduce the amount of non-creative workflows and processes that surrounds development – and allow creative professionals to imagine and build amazing gaming experiences.


To achieve that, Playerium uses automation, procedural asset creation and AI to craft development tools, pipeline, and assets for co-development.


Playerium is a Taipei-based studio that provides technical and creative support for game developers around the globe. Their unique team has professionals with roots in all continents and have been credited on critically acclaimed titles like Horizon, The Last of Us, Resident Evil, and Monster Hunter among others.



We have been really fortunate to work on some of the most awesome games out there.
Click on the images below to see in more details some of the work we have done.



Looking for external support on your next project?
Here are some of the areas we may be able to help you with:


FULL SKU Support

Licensed console developer

Pipeline and Tools




game/Level Design


Procedural materials

procedural modeling

Looking for something else that is not in the list?
Please get in touch and we will be glad to discuss it together!


Check out some of the software tools we
have been using on a regular basis: 


Even with our tight production schedule, they were understanding and went out of their way to accommodate any sudden adjustments that needed to be made. They were always proactive about presenting new ideas to optimize the current workflow, and brought a lot of indispensable knowledge to our project."

“The exceedingly high quality of work speaks volumes about the pedigree of their team”

“Eidos Montreal is thrilled to have Playerium as a solid external partner and we look forward to continuing our successful relationship.”

Playerium founders have been collaborating with us since the early days. They pioneered in the adoption and usage of Substance. Their work has helped us showcase the amazing things that can be done with Substance – influencing others to adopt it as well. Over time, Playerium expertise in Substance has allowed them to train and qualify world class talents in the creative industry. Playerium has been consistently pushing the boundaries of creative content generation.


here we are

Get in touch with us!


Do you have the skills and experience in scheduling tasks based on defined project goals, and an ability to lead a team to the successful execution of such goals.

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Neihu District, Taipei

Located in the heart of Neihu District, our studio is surrounded by an amazing mix of restaurants, bars, and cafés.


We are within walking distance from the main MRT lines, and just a few minutes away from some of the best shops, malls, and movie theaters in Taiwan.


6F, No 56, Ln 258, Ruiguang Rd.

Neihu District, Taipei City, 114


Planet Earth, Solar System

Milky Way Galaxy, Universe

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